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Nancy Rose Impressionistic       Watercolors 

Descended from a long line of artists, with art training since eleven years old, Nancy Rose is a professional award winning artist who is listed in “Who’s Who” for American Art. She has exhibited extensively, including in the New Britain Museum of American Art. She is a Juried member of the prestigious Connecticut Watercolor Society and is also a member of Sarasota's Women Contemporary Artists. 


If you had a wish that WOULD come true, what would YOU hope for? Come see what people of all ages, from all over the world, wish for!  Each wish will be posted next to the art that was created to reflect it, with the first name, age and country of the person who made that wish. You will probably discover that the wishes from the other side of the world are similar to yours. I have discovered if I sit across the kitchen table and have a cup of tea with someone who seems very different from me, I learn we are more similar, than different, with the same dreams and wishes. 


Visually travel to a sanctuary, amidst the chaos of the world, taking a moment to experience a little miracle in life, a precious moment with an "everyday around you" color, a mysterious shape. There are many stories in each painting, so there is no right or wrong. Each art piece gives each person a different view, stretching  the imagination. My wish is that my art will give you a new set of glasses to see the beauty and oneness of all living things in this world. My wish is that my art will give you a sense of wonder, love and hope on a sometimes difficult  day. 

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